Another writer in Brooklyn. Resume.

Selected Writing

December 2, 2016: The rebirth of MTV News and media's commodification of diversity,
November 22, 2016: On spite and loving Thanksgiving,
November 17, 2016: Reporting from New York City's Trump protests, The Paris Review Daily
October 4, 2016: The complicated origins of cured egg yolks,
September 11, 2016: On eating blowfish in Japan, The Morning News
July 21, 2016: On Flannery O'Connor and Andalusia, The Paris Review Daily
June 23, 2016: On Mark Doty and the quagmire of performative vulnerability , The Paris Review Daily
May 26, 2016: On Eddie Huang,
February 25, 2016: Truth and the Mission Chinese Food Cookbook,
January 18, 2016: Bar Tab: Lumos, The New Yorker
July 28, 2015: Learning to love baijiu,
March 24, 2015: How to nagashi somen, at home,
Spring 2013: Bridesmaid, The Intentional
Aug. 23, 2011: Making sense of the dramatic rise in multiple births, Slate

Selected Misc.

August 16 2016: Watching the Olympics: Gymnastics for Bodybuilders
August 7, 2016: Watching the Olympics: The Bodies
March 15, 2016: Can I wear this t-shirt to work?
May 17, 2015: An evening of missed connections at The Callbox Lounge
April 23, 2013: Drinking with Rosie Schaap and Wei Tchou, KGB Bar reading
Nov. 22, 2011: Celebrating the renegade press, Boog City reading
Winter 2011: Fifteen years of UFO sightings
Spring 2011: How to survive the Four Loko ban